By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. – John 13:35 KJVS

По сьому знати муть усї, що ви мої ученики, коли любов мати мете один до одного. – Йоан 13:35

Bible School Projects

To reserve a project, email us using the Contact Us form on the website. Projects can be partially funded if your Bible School doesn’t raise the full amount posted here.
Project # Description Amount Needed Funded
1 Pay for food and drinks so the boys from an orphanage in Ukraine can go on a camping trip while repairs are made to the electrical system at their orphanage. $200 Yes
2 Pay for hotel rooms (approximately 2 nights) so the girls from an orphanage in Ukraine have a place to stay while repairs are made to the electrical system at their orphanage. They hope to stay near the thermal pools in the mountains. $1000 Yes
3 Provide craft projects, outings, or a pizza dinner and drinks for an entire orphanage in Western Ukraine. $300 Yes
4 Supplement fuel for an orphanage bus to allow for summer outings. Budget squeezes are preventing normal summer outings. $500 Yes
5 Day trip for orphanage children. Allows the children to get out of the orphange and take in some summer activities. $200 No
6 Support a Ukrainian refugee boy with Down’s Syndrome who is living in Poland. $500 No
7 Bible School and outings for the children of Chuhuev. There will be several days of Bible School and activities for children who are in a difficult area. The amount of money received will partially determine the extent of the program. Up to $1000 Yes
8 Sponsor food for 15 children from the Unregistered Baptist congregations for one month. Unlimited opportunity. $500 No
9 Sponsor food and other items for refugee children living in a camp in western Ukraine (Baptists from Mariupol). $2000 Partially Funded
10 Approximately 65 children in the Cherkassy area would be taken to a store to buy boots for the upcoming winter. If money is left over they would buy fruit and possibly ice cream. We are told they haven’t had either in a long time. $800 Yes
11 Provide essentials to 16 children in the Kherson area. These children have very many needs. $300 No
12 Transport 300 children from the Kharkiv and Dnipro oblasts to a safe area for a summer camp. TBD No
13 Transport 300 teenagers from the frontline area to a summer camp near Kiev. TBD No

Checks should go to:

Meridian Congregation
2894 Apache Rd
Hesston, Kansas 67062


Central Charities Board
Box 1984
Pincher Creek, AB, T0K 1W0

(Please mark your checks “Bible School – Hope4Ukraine”.)